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You’re not just looking for a lawyer.

You have a serious issue critical to your personal life or the  survival of your business.

You are looking for results. We get that.

We handle complex cases in state and federal courts; complex civil litigation, serious criminal matters and individual and business bankruptcies.

From the moment you sit down with us, we will work with you to find cost-effective solutions.


Alan has significant experience handling all types of civil disputes, whether in state court, federal court or arbitration.

Alan Parry


An experienced criminal defense lawyer, Amos prides himself on thorough preparation in order to provide the highest level of vigorous and ethical representation.

Amos Tyndall


A board certified business bankruptcy specialist, Jim brings years of combined business and legal experience to his litigation and bankruptcy practice.

Jim White


Michelle practices litigation and bankruptcy. She was awarded UNC’s highest merit scholarship as a Chancellor’s Scholar.

Michelle Walker

I live in a college community, so I see a lot of lower level drug offenses, like marijuana possession. Many students and other people are charged with simple possession offenses, where the person is accused of possessing a quantity of drugs most likely for personal......

White-collar crimes are not a legally recognized category of offenses, but crimes involving allegations of fraud, deceit or theft often carry that label. Many federal offenses are considered white-collar crimes. The name is associated with offenses that often implicate people in a business, a financial......

Written employment agreements for executives and other key employees often contain one or more restrictive covenants that can, if enforced, severely limit the employee’s ability to move to another position in the same or similar industry. Examples include covenants not to compete, covenants not to......

Alan Parry wrote an article entitled “An Overview of Commercial Liability Insurance,” which was published in the February 2017 edition of The Litigator, the official publication of the Litigation Section of the North Carolina Bar Association. The article addresses and explains different types of commercial......