Complex Litigation

A civil dispute can threaten your family’s financial well-being or the very survival of your business.


Our firm has experience handling complex civil cases involving millions of dollars.  In a wide range of difficult and contentious disputes, we help individual and business clients recover their losses and protect their rights.


When it makes sense, we know how to negotiate a resolution that protects our client’s interests without a trial.  But when necessary, we do not hesitate to fight aggressively in court or arbitration to achieve a successful outcome for our clients.

Business Litigation

We approach litigation from a business point of view, and we talk strategy only after your business goals are clearly established. We have the experience to handle a wide range of business disputes, including breach of contract actions; claims for breaches of duty by company management; claims by investors against brokers and financial advisors; and disputes between and among the owners of closely-held companies.

Non-Compete and Trade Secret Disputes

When an executive or other employee leaves a company, disputes often arise regarding the enforceability of restrictions in that person’s employment agreement, including covenants not to compete, provisions prohibiting the solicitation of employees or customers and restrictions on the use or disclosure of confidential and proprietary information.  Many of these cases involve claims of misappropriation of company trade secrets.  We have experience representing both individuals and companies in the resolution of these complicated and sensitive cases, including both seeking and defending emergency injunctive relief.

Insurance Litigation

We represent policyholders who are seeking to recover insurance proceeds due to them under a wide variety of individual and business policies.  When an insurance carrier acts in bad faith or engages in unfair claims handling practices, we also have significant experience litigating claims for damages beyond the policy limits.  Outside of litigation, we regularly counsel our clients about insurance that may be available to cover risks and losses in their business and personal lives.

Environmental Disputes

Environmental contamination on commercial and residential property can be very costly to clean up, and can also create health risks and impair property values.  When such contamination is discovered, disputes frequently arise between buyers and sellers of affected property, landlords and tenants and/or neighbors who may potentially be impacted by migrating contamination.  We represent citizens, businesses and community groups in these and other disputes involving damages arising from environmental issues, including clean-up costs associated with soil and groundwater contamination from leaking underground storage tanks.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Although lawsuits are not usually a part of most bankruptcies, sometimes a debtor may bring a lawsuit, or other times have a lawsuit brought against them. Not all bankruptcy attorneys are experienced litigators, and sometimes even experienced litigators can find navigating complex litigation in bankruptcy court difficult. Many debtors have to find outside counsel if an adversary proceeding arises in their case.


Our unique combination of complex litigation and bankruptcy skills allow us to comfortably handle lawsuits that arise in the course of bankruptcies.

Consumer Law and Class Actions

Our firm has represented individual consumers who have been harmed by unfair, fraudulent, deceptive or predatory conduct. In some cases, though, it is more effective if a group of consumers, or a class of consumers, can attack the conduct in one lawsuit. Class actions and group lawsuits can address fraud and unfair practices more effectively in a single case when it simply would not be cost-effective for one person to bring suit.  Our firm handles a limited number of class actions as part of our mission to have a distinctive, lasting and substantial impact on consumers.

Will and Trust Disputes

When a loved one passes away, there may be questions about the validity of a claimed will.  We have experience representing individuals and families seeking to enforce the testamentary intent of the deceased, whether that means challenging or defending a will.  We also represent trust beneficiaries seeking to protect their rights under trust documents or to enforce the fiduciary obligations of the trustee.


Alan Parry is certified by the N.C. Dispute Resolution Commission to conduct Superior Court mediations in North Carolina, and he is frequently engaged by lawyers and appointed by judges across the State to serve as a mediator in all types of civil disputes..

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